As we embrace the renewed energy and positivity that the start of a brand new year brings, ICA staff and students are geared to face yet another year of training excellence at our beautiful Banhoek campus just outside of Stellenbosch!

Whether the new year will bring more uncertainty and lockdown regulations due to the ongoing pandemic, or whether practical sessions and tuition will continue in a less disrupted way than 2020, the ICA will no doubt rise to the challenge as always.

ICA 3rd year students are currently completing their final examinations. These examinations and the thesis submission that accompanies it is the culmination of three years of incredibly hard work and perseverance, where students are tested to perform at their ultimate best in order to graduate with a highly respected ICA Diploma. Successful graduates will soon join the tight-knit community of ICA alumni in the culinary industry and we look forward to following their individual journeys and see them soar.

2020 certainly was a year to remember! Despite the fact that it was an extremely difficult year with many challenges to overcome, the ICA and its students still achieved unprecedented success in the culinary arena!

TO TOP IT ALL, ICA was nominated late in December as a contender for Africa’s Best Culinary Training Institution in the inaugural World Culinary Awards 2020 – a global initiative to recognize and reward culinary excellence!

The nomination came as a complete surprise but adding this highly respected recognition to ICA’s extensive list of accolades is testimony to its constant strive for the highest level of training, as has been upheld and honoured for over 25 years.

New applicants can apply to enrol with their most recent or Grade 11 results, enabling prospective students to start finalising their future career plans.

Your future starts here.