How many eggs does it take to get you through your first year at ICA chef school?

The ICA believes in a fair approach to students’ exposure to all ingredients. Because students work and are assessed individually, exposure to only the best ingredients – from the finest imported balsamic vinegar and internationally sourced, exclusive truffles to whole legs of lamb or exotic fish and organically grown herbs from the campus gardens – it is imperative that students develop a fine palate at the ICA through constant exposure to fine ingredients.

Course fees at the ICA include ALL ingredients for daily cooking and baking session as well as ALL ingredients for practical assessments and examinations. This provides the fair and just platform for students to apply their own individual skill set and creativity, so as to truly reflect their capabilities and competence.

This is certainly no minor undertaking. Including ALL ingredients amounts to quite a list:


Whole onions








Litres of milk

Besides students’ consistent access to needed basic ingredients they will also receive several fresh products like a number of whole chickens, racks and shoulders of lamb, various cuts of beef and pork, an assortment of game birds, rabbit, a variety of shellfish, as well as numerous whole fish per individual – both round and flat – to fabricate from whole until they progress through to the advanced cooking curriculum where they will be exposed to nose-to-tail butchering and processing.

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