at ICA we cuultivate chef's that breathe inspiration

At the ICA we train students to become true professionals who challenge conformity and present the food world with fresh and inspiring ideas.

Our philosophy is simple – we believe in excellence in every aspect of the traditional culinary arts. The ICA offers specialised chef and lecturing faculty resources and our custom designed training kitchens boast only the most sophisticated modern equipment. The extensive curriculum is based on classical French gastronomy and our course objectives are driven and endorsed by the industry. We also devote a large portion of our tuition to practical training, as this provides students with a solid foundation and the freedom to explore new techniques and trends. Students spend between 22 to 26 hours per week on intensive practical training, conducted under an impressive student/lecturer ratio of 7:1.

The ICA is recognised as the leading training facility of its kind in South Africa and our students are known to set the industry standards. Our highly regarded training partners are both locally and internationally acclaimed, and we’ve proven our flair at numerous prestigious culinary events and industry competitions. The ICA is also the proud recipient of the 2004 (Afrikaanse Handels Instituut) AHI Business of the Year award.

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