Culinary Training Excellence reaps rewards

The ability to excel in the culinary industry is closely linked to culinary training excellence. One more example of an ICA-trained chef who has yet again excelled in his career, is Jason Kosmas, recently appointed as the new head chef at the popular online cooking service provider, UCOOK.

Not only does UCOOK provide the finest, ethically sourced ingredients for your weekday cooking, the recipes are specially developed and tested by chef Jason – it’s almost like having an ICA-trained, professional, personal chef in your own kitchen!

Experiential training at the Institute of Culinary Arts forms an integral and critical part of practical training and the ICA maintains a firm Placement Philosophy where students are not placed at an establishment, but rather under the expert guidance of a carefully selected chef-mentor. During his studies at the ICA, Jason was given the opportunity to complete his final industry placement under the expert guidance and mentorship of accomplished chef Eric Bulpitt, which – together with his professional culinary tuition and successful completion thereof – aided him in his culinary journey to later on join Liam Tomlin’s team at Chef’s Warehouse & Canteen after graduating from the ICA.

At the ICA, we believe that mentorship during and after the course of studies most certainly have a life-long influence on the development and growth of an individual student and their future career. Jason’s unique experiences, training and personal competencies enabled him to grow and transform into an accomplished and respected chef who can apply his skills in any culinary environment.

Culinary training excellence is what sets ICA students apart from their peers in the industry.  As a City & Guilds Centre of Excellence, the ICA prides itself on upholding our philosophy and honouring past students by maintaining the same standards that they qualified with.

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