Honing entrepreneurial mindsets in future chefs

Proficient business skills are a valuable asset in any industry.  To have an awareness and comprehension of entrepreneurship within the hospitality industry, vastly broadens employment horizons for culinary students upon the completion of their studies. The ICA equips 2nd and 3rd year students with the necessary fundamentals of business, including capital requirements, funding options and all financial related requirements and processes, to name but a few. Students are also primed to think innovatively and learn how to prepare an effective business plan.

During a recent Entrepreneurship Expo on campus, ICA students were required to present a series of pop-up businesses to a panel of assessors as part of their practical assignment in this field of study.

Working on this unique project prepares students for various aspects of running an entrepreneurial enterprise – from collaboration within teams to team management and supervision, from adhering to strict deadlines and establishing individual role clarity profiles to attention to details and end product production.  These aspects were all incorporated into the expo event, helping students to channel their theoretical knowledge towards practical application.

Many former ICA students have gone on to start and maintain hugely successful entrepreneurships within the hospitality arena.  Honing these types of skills are what enables future business owners to distinguish pipe dreams from feasible business reality, opening the door to yet another career avenue after graduating from the ICA.

It is a winning combination – personal potential and ambition paired with acquired entrepreneurial business skills.

ICA prepares students for success.

The ICA can also recognize your potential. 

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