The ICA is a busy hive of activity. Newly enrolled 1st-year students are finding their feet in the training kitchens and immersing themselves in theory classes, while our 3rd-year students have excitedly started their chosen Specialization Field training in Media, NPD and Professional Wine Studies & Event Coordination.

Having successfully completed their second Industry Placement block, these students have returned to the ICA more mature, more skilful and more enthusiastic about their future specialised culinary career opportunities, eager to learn the specialized skills that will set them apart from their peers upon entering the culinary arena.

ICA chef students are sought after in some of the best restaurants in the country and abroad, because they bring comprehensive knowledge, accurate skills and a strong work ethic to their placement establishment. Here, under the expert guidance of a carefully chosen Chef Mentor for each student, students can further hone their talents whilst gaining invaluable, hands-on experience, working and playing their part within the kitchen brigade of a top restaurant.

Feedback from these carefully chosen chefs is highly valued and we work closely with our industry partners to ensure excellence in culinary training.

2022 S. Pellegrino World’s 50 BEST Restaurants #37; Best in Africa 2022; 50 Best Discovery List 2022; 2022 JHP Gourmet Guide 3 Plates; Restaurant of the Year, Luxury Travel Awards 2017; Restaurante de Qualite, College Culinaire de France 2019 to present; Relaîs & Châteaux Grand Chef  (Chef Peter Tempelhoff, ICA Alumnus); Multiple Eat Out Best Restaurants Awards Listings

“Students have a very solid foundation of knowledge to build upon. They have a good general skillset, which allows them to quickly acclimatise to a professional kitchen.”

2022 S. Pellegrino World’s 100 BEST Restaurants #90; Best in Africa 2022; 50 Best Discovery List 2022; 2019 World Culinary Awards Best International Restaurant of the year; 2019 World Culinary Awards Off-Map Destination of the Year; 2021 S. Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants # 50; Luxury Travel Awards 2017; Restaurante de Qualite, College Culinaire de France 2019 to present; Multiple Eat Out Best Restaurants Awards Listings; 2019 Eat Out Chef of the Year 

“ICA’s training is very good, thorough and up-to-date. The student is always willing to go the extra mile and to gain more knowledge and expand his skillset. He seems to have taken a real interest in the wild food component of Wolfgat’s approach to cooking, something which his generation needs to take on board and preserve for the future.”

(Derek Shaw has since gone on to join the Wolfgat team as a permanent part of the kitchen brigade under the expert leadership of Chef Kobus van der Merwe, also a proud ICA Alumnus.)

Eat Out 2002, 2 Stars; 2022 Trip Advisor Top 10 Best Fine Dining Restaurants in Africa List; 2022 JHP Gourmet Guide, 3 Plates; 2019 50 Best Discovery; 2019 Trip Advisor Travellers Choice; Multiple Eat Out Top SA Restaurants List

“This ICA student’s knowledge and work attitude make every task given to her look easy. Adaptable – any section on any day, never afraid of a challenge – responsible and accurate. The standard of ICA training is the highest standard by far of all.

2022 Eat Out, 1 Star; 2022 Reviewers’ Choice Top 20

This student has very good theoretical knowledge and is an absolute pleasure to work with, always willing to go the extra mile. Working to feed 80 – 120 people every day, she has truly been an asset to our team over a very busy summer season. She is very capable and always willing to help other members of the team. We thank her, especially, for looking after customers with dietary requirements and ensuring that their lunch was just as good, if not better than the regular menu.”

2022 Eat Out 1 Star

She is punctual, dependable and reliable. Her standard of training is very good. She will be an asset to the industry one day.

2022 Eat out Chef of the Year (Scot Kirton); XXL Edition Best Restaurant Award

A very fast learner and always enthusiastic to learn something new. A hard worker. The ICA sets a high standard in all aspects and you can see it in the student’s abilities. I could move this student to different sections at any given time and knew he would succeed at it. He will most definitely be missed at Protégé Restaurant.

2022 Eat Out 1 Star; 2022 Reviewers’ Choice Top 20

The student showcased great knife skills and techniques in general. Culinary skills are very good and competent. ICA students are well-trained, disciplined and hard-working, making it easy for me to communicate tasks and get across what I’m looking for. I love working with ICA students.

2022 Eat Out Retail Capital New Restaurant of the Year; 2022 Reviewers’ Choice Top 20

The student arrived as a student with a student mentality and left as a junior CDP. Over many years, we have worked with many students and this student will be remembered for all good thingsthe ability to learn, not being arrogant, always willing to go the extra mile, and helping colleagues. I would really like to employ him.

2022 Eat Out 1 Star; Haute Performance Awards, Provenance – Chef Allistaire Lawrence (ICA Alumnus)

This student had to pull herself out of a hard place and tried very hard. Managed to do this with promising focus and performance. The student was thrown in the deep end, having to cover a section on her own and was able to run services consistently without help. She has good theoretical knowledge and was able to learn new skills quickly.

2022 World’s 50 Best # 56; 2022 Eat Out 3 Stars; 2022 Trip Advisor Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Africa; 2022 JHP Gourmet Guide 3 Plates; 2021 World Culinary Awards Best Restaurant in Africa

An excellent student. The standard of ICA students has always been very high at all of our restaurants. The student’s performance and quality of work were of a high standard.

  • DUSK, Stellenbosch

2022 Eat out Retail Capital Best New Restaurant Award; Winner S. Pellegrino Young Chef Social Responsibility Award (Chef Callan Austin – ICA Alumnus)

I still hold the ICA to an extremely high standard and this student was proof of their ability to deliver strong and capable young chefs who work efficiently and neatly, and who is punctual, professional and ambitious.

2022 Eat Out 1 Star; 2022 JHP Gourmet Guide 2 Plates; 2020 Trip Advisor Travellers’ Choice; 2019 50 Best Discovery

 The student’s standard of training is above what is expected. She was able and willing to work every section without hesitation, which shows what she learnt has given her the confidence to enter a working restaurant kitchen.

2022 Condé Nast Traveler Readers’ Choice Awards; 2022 Luxe 100 Best Travel Awards Best Game Lodge in SA; 2022 Expert’s Choice Awards Top Hotel; 2022 Petit Passport List – World’s Finest Hotels & Resorts for Families

The ICA’s standard of training is one of the best in the country. We have been training ICA students for many years and this student’s growth was immense. Seeing her confidence grow has been a privilege.

2022 JHP Gourmet Guide 1 Plate; 2020 50 Best Disovery; Multiple Eat Out Best Restaurants Awards Listings

We have had incredible students from ICA over the years. The standard of training is tops and the ICA places the right students with the right chefs. This student definitely has the skill, dedication and passion. She will do great things for our industry.