Being a part of the very first class enrolled at the Institute of Culinary Arts in 1996, Peter Tempelhoff entered the ICA with energetic gusto and loads of unrefined talent.

Under the expert guidance of ICA founder and principal, Letitia Prinsloo, Peter was shaped and moulded until he had grown strengthened to step out – shining, strong and equipped to follow his culinary dreams.

“It is my responsibility to train world-class chefs that can stand their ground in a global culinary arena, armed with an internationally recognized qualification”, says Letitia.  This vision influences the strong calibre of top-rated chefs who receive training at the ICA, ensuring that the ICA’s legacy is carried forward day after day, far beyond the physical boundaries of the training kitchens.

Peter says that during his studies at the ICA, an ethos of quality and passion for cooking was imbedded in him, without him realizing it. “The commitment and pedigree of the trainers and teachers filtered down to the learners, which eventually had a huge influence on the quality of student produced at the school”, he reiterates.

Interestingly enough, Michael Cooke (Camphors @ Vergelegen) – another ICA-trained nominee – worked with Peter.  Just another example of how great chefs are moulding future great chefs through culinary excellence.

To follow in the footsteps of these great chefs, enrol now to study at the Institute of Culinary Arts – internationally rated as the best in the whole of Africa and one of the 3 best chef schools in the world.