Exciting demonstrations as part of this year’s festival highlights

Visitors to the 17th South African Cheese Festival can once again expect a truly unique experience of all things cheese and more!

The Institute of Culinary Arts 3rd year specialization students, chef lecturers and alumni will be there to further enhance an already wonderful experience. Together with 3 ICA graduates, Herman Lensing, Zola Nene and Johnny Hamman, the ICA 3rd-year Media Communication students will demonstrate a range of specially developed recipe ideas, inspired by these proud ICA alumni’s own creations, incorporating alternative niche products in newly developed recipes, all in front of a live audience at the Cape Made Kitchen.

Be sure to join the experience and free tasting sessions!

27 April 2018  :  ICA & Herman Lensing

28 April 2018  :  ICA & Zola Nene

29 April 2018  :  ICA & Johnny Hamman


11:30   ;   13:30   ;    15:30