For many reasons, 2020 has been a highly challenging year at many academic institutions. But this year has also proved to be a year in which we have come to realise that rising above any challenge can be achieved through consistent hard work, perseverance and strong character.

For the second time as a participant in a nation-wide culinary competition, ICA took first place as overall winning chef school with ICA students’ creative entries showing outstanding talent, skill and culinary excellence!

Hosted and judged by the SA Avocado Grower’ Association, the 2020 Add an Avo Culinary Student Competition not only awarded first prize to the Institute of Culinary Arts but 3rd-year student, Vicci Vierbergen, also won second place with her unique entry of avo gnocchi with roasted tomatoes and biltong.

Avo’s are incredibly versatile, not to mention nutritious. Try any or all of the entry recipes developed by our 3rd year Media and NPD students – click here to view them all!

Pictured here is Vicci with ICA Head of Faculty, Merizle Mitrovich.

When asked what she did with the prize money she received, Vicci humbly answered that she planted a tree. AN AVO TREE!!

It is through showing the utmost respect for all aspects of the culinary arts, and filtering this mindset through to students studying at the school, that the ICA will continue to grow and help shape the future of the culinary industry, both in our own country and further abroad. Not only in times of prosperity but especially also when facing uphill challenges, such as 2020 taught us.

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