Pushing boundaries and setting bench-marks

With the Eat Out Mercedes Benz Restaurant Awards just around the corner and ICA graduates still dominating the nominees’ list for 2019, we took time to reflect on what it is that sets ICA alumni apart from their industry peers.

ICA students are classically trained according to French gastronomic principals in order to understand the scientific basis of techniques and methods. Only through full scientific comprehension, can students apply freedom of creative expression whereby they can push boundaries and set the bench-marks for others to follow!

But what enables a chef student to rise above the rest? What motivates graduates to go that extra mile and reach the very top?

During intensive, focussed, theoretical and practical training at the ICA, students are constantly inspired and pushed to reach their full potential.  They are given the knowledge and the tools to shape their careers but – more importantly – they are mentored and guided to pursue excellence in áll aspects of the culinary arts.

Pride + Precision + Perseverence = Perfection

Second year student, Ivan Masiyazi, recently noted: “…when one pushes their own limites, one of two things happen – you either break down mentally or physically OR you find out that your own means are greater than that which you had thought for years. When you reach a stage of pushing boundaries, you find joy, passion, excitement and LIFE in every deconstructed moment you experience.  It is from this space where creativity is found and the mind is freed of its own chains.”

Vision + Skill = Potential

It is through this realization that great things happen and dreams become a reality.

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