An exciting bursary opportunity arose within the Shoprite group for professional chef students. Due to its known high standard of training, the ICA was approached to nominate a deserving candidate for possible sponsorship.

The purpose of the bursary was aimed at attracting and funding future Professional Chefs who want to follow a lucrative management career in Retail. Students in this area of study will kick-start their career by focusing on the Fresh Food Departments (deli, bakery, etc.) within Shoprite stores or join the Product Development team at Head Office. ICA’s unique and extensive Product Development curriculum has paved the way for ICA 3rd-year student, Alisha van Heerden (enrolled on the ICA 3-Year Diploma in Advanced Culinary Arts, Advanced Pâtisserie and specializing in Product Development), was selected and qualified for the requirements set by Shoprite.

Alisha will be well prepared to join the Shoprite team as junior product developer upon graduating from the ICA in 2018, an opportunity that – armed with extensive theoretical and practical tuition, paired with hard work and dedication – allows for growth and success within a highly rewarding industry.