Why is it important to maintain professionalism in the culinary profession, both locally and abroad?

The culinary profession is very often compared with the fine arts and with science. Like the fine arts, great cookery requires taste, creativity, an appreciation of beauty and a mastery of techniques.  Like science, successful cookery demands knowledge and an understanding of basic principles.

One element that both of these require, is professionalism.

The ICA’s mission is to provide students with theoretical knowledge, practical skills and an esteemed professional character.

Professionalism is best reflected through respect. Respect for the uniform; respect for team members, respect for ingredients and ultimately, respect for oneself.

The moment a uniform is worn, it is a representation of áll the individuals within a certain profession, as every member is responsible for that profession’s image, no matter what it may be – what a great responsibility and honor!  The chef’s uniform is a standard uniform that evokes an instant sense of recognition and each element has an important role in keeping the chef safe and comfortable in a potentially dangerous environment.

We often forget that cheffing is an age old profession – just like medicine and law – and to make sure this profession maintains it rightful place on its noble pedestal, professionalism is key!

In the global culinary arena, professional discipline is what ultimately sets great chefs apart.  It is the ICA’s goal to qualify graduates that are able to compete on an international level, adhering to culinary standards that are set and honoured world-wide.

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