Jacques Steyn is another ICA Graduate (2007) climbing the success ladder – now also proudly carrying the title of a Cape Wine Master. One of just 96 wine masters around the world, Jacques is currently national sales manager of Jordan Wines. After graduating from the ICA he has followed a varied career as professional chef, sommelier, wine ambassador, tasting room manager as well as associate judge for prestigious SA wine competitions.

Wine studies is fundamental to the ICA curriculum. Situated amongst the most outstanding wine producing farms in the world right here in the Cape Winelands, the ICA cultivate chefs with a sound knowledge of this prized beverage that remains immiscible to fine cuisine. The use of wine in the preparation of and in pairing with food starts off as an adventure and develops into a fine art to the comprehension of how various foods enhance the natural styles of different wines. Wine studies as part of the 3rd year specialization field push students beyond the borders of general wine knowledge and service. International wines become the focus and further in-depth study prepares the student for professional sommelier service.