What exactly determines an establishment’s ranking of excellence?

In today’s technological age, a world of information is literally available at your fingertips!  The easiest way to search for a tertiary institution is to turn to the Internet.  However, marketing platforms can reflect a story quite different to reality and one should be fully aware of what aspects are important to look at, when choosing where to kick-start your career.  Empower yourself.  Know exactly what qualities to look for!

The ICA holds that what is said and attributed to the school by accredited external sources in high regard as a true reflection of the ICA’s quality and excellence.  Accolades, credibility, achievements and awards are all important aspects to look for, but the true testimony that defines a school’s success, lies in it’s “products” – it’s students and graduates that actively become a part of the broader culinary arena, both locally and abroad.

At the recent SARIE 70th birthday celebration where ICA students worked closely with the events team, the feedback on their work ethic, skill level and professionalism once again proved that ICA students are certainly a cut above the rest!

“It would’ve been impossible to do this function without your students.  Thank you for moulding such hard-working individuals.  No other students work as hard as they do.  No other students can take the initiative and problem solve as they do.” – Carmen Botma (SARIE Marketing Manager)

On 7 September, the ICA will once again host in informative and interactive Open Day on campus.  If you are serious about becoming a culinary professional and studying at South Africa’s most highly acclaimed chef school, be sure to book your spot and visit our beautiful campus in Stellenbosch.