Each year during October, ICA first-year students spend the last two weeks of their curriculum doing revision of the entire year’s work. Students starting at the ICA embark on a training journey that takes them from the most basic essential skills all the way through to intricate culinary techniques and principles that will be showcased on a plate.

Often, in the early weeks or months of a new academic year, some students become impatient. They are so eager to move through the elements quickly in order to see instant results – a well-known symptom of the quick-paced world we are currently facing. However, at the ICA, the curriculum is designed to pace and train students to a certain tempo that will foster patience, persistence, perseverance – ultimately leading to perfection. There are no shortcuts!

Now, during the final weeks of practical refinement before the exams, is when the realisation strikes.

Now is the time where months of hard and diligent work come together.

Now is when students can see the phenomenal outcome of persistent preparation throughout the year, of consistently learning culinary techniques in a determined, steadfast manner, of the reason they have had to persevere through the fundamentals before progressing onward.

And the results are certainly joyous! Students’ faces literally light up when they compile their beautiful and flavourful restaurant-worthy plates! They see all the elements complementing each other and they realise the importance of refining techniques.

It is only when students see their own culinary creations as a whole, that the penny finally drops.


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